Twijector is a free online service for webcasting tweets regarding various events. In fact, it has two main points for users:

  • Monitoring of opinions about the event

    Everyone who becomes a Twitterian can use event hash tag in their tweets (for example: #googlefest2011), to express their thoughts, tips or comments regarding the ongoing event. This allows to receive new topics for a discussion, as well as to determine the right way to provide information for audience. Also, the service can be used to figure out the mass opinion about the seminar, which could be useful for organizers.
  • Communication without limitations

    When shooting events broadcast online, Twittjector allows any Twitterian to ask organizers a question or, alternatively, it allows to answer questions from the audience. This makes possible easy participation of different experts who unable to get to the event, and also very significantly, by many times, increases events’ recognition on the Internet (the famous "twitter effect").

Of course, the question already had to be asked: «What about spam/malware, etc?». These problems can be solved quite easily: by ordering the "Moderation" service for every event, and setting filtering conditions. In other words, on screen sharing will show only those tweets that match your settings – the language, links, emoticons, obscene language control, censorship precautions, etc.

Filtering of the tweets is provided by humans, contrary to automatic settings, therefore the chance of malfunctioning of the events by message type «enlarge your logo http://bit.ly/asdg #yees2010» equals zero.

That, probably, covers all important aspects. There is only a reminder: there will be always few thousand people who are interested in your Twitter Event. You can help them to spread the word about your program to others. Think about it.


Why my tweets do not appears at Twijector?

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