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What Twijector is...

Twijector is a real-time twitter wall for conferences, events, cafe and classrooms.

  1. Connect your laptop to the projector.
  2. Do not forget to turn off the screen saver and power save mode.
  3. Set the browser to the full screen mode.
  4. Enter your hash-hag and press "Start" button:
  5. Then post anything to Twitter or Instagram with this hashtag.

Paid plan already here!

Paid plan include: photos, white-lists of publishers, custom stop-words dictionary, pre-moderation, tweets archiving, custom logo and unlimited participants.

Price of this plan — $149 per month. Includes 1000+ participants.

And yes, basic functions are still free.

Our clients

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Bad words filter + custom dictionary: use automatic filtering of tweets containing stop-works from default and custom dictionaries.

Ban spammers: use automatic filtering of tweets from users blocked by you.

Pre-moderation: approve tweets to be shown on wall.


Tweets archive: all tweets from your events will be archived.

Audience archive: all members, who will send tweet during event, will be listed for you in report.


Show photos from Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and other networks.

Other features

Multi-tags: use up to 3 tags on one wall

Design customization: use your own logo for wall for hash-tag. Everybody in the world who will try to broadcast wall with your hash-tag will see your logo



Phone: +7 950 0099233

Twitter: @twijector

Current Events and Clubs